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Claire MacDougal has been trying her best to manage a successful modeling career and a healthy relationship with God. The congregation has stayed mum on the scantily clad images in her portfolio, but she knows the gold-paved streets of God’s kingdom are talking. Claire must be doing something right, because she has recently become engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Stuart Jacobs, Attorney at Law. His name begins to make headlines when he takes on the biggest case of his career—defending ten-time Grammy-nominated rap star, Pharaoh, accused of murder in the first degree. Claire doesn’t believe that things can get any better, but when she befriend’s Pharaoh’s young and naive wife, Plush Sanders, she begins to see her own face in more tabloids than fashion magazine covers. Stuart has always been respected amongst his colleagues and the members of the church that watched him grow up before their very eyes, but Claire’s socialite lifestyle is giving him a bad name and the blessings seem to have come to a standstill. Forget the defendant being held without bail in the San Bernardino County Jail for catching a body, Claire MacDougal has become the one on trial. Stuart is her everything, but the defaming headlines may keep her from sticking around to see the verdict.

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